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Jillson and Roberts


Almost four decades ago Jillson & Roberts was founded with the idea of providing premium quality fashion-oriented gift wrap and accessories, along with superior service, to retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada. We hold to that same idea today and we have added one major commitment: To be environmentally sensitive!  

We believe we have the most complete, most beautiful collection of eco-friendly products in the industry. For the past three years we have greatly increased the amount of eco-friendly products in our collection, and for many of our products we have gone a step further by utilizing eco-friendly plant based – non petroleum packaging. Jillson & Roberts is the clear and undisputed leader! Our ”Give Green” packaging is becoming more widely recognized by consumers, and this will continue to serve our retail partners well.

Gift Wrap, Tissue, Bags and Totes, Enclosure Cards, Stickers,  Mailing Boxes and Envelopes, Rafia, Crinkle, Ribbon, Curlies, Bows 


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