U-Lace (no tie laces for sneakers)

“What would happen if you didn’t have to tie your shoelaces anymore, but could still do all of those amazing lace patterns in different colors that people love?”

The idea took owner Tim Talley and the newly founded U-Lace team over 2 years to develop the best no tie shoelaces on the market. They looked like traditional laces, could be styled and patterned like traditional laces, but instantly converted any eyelet shoe into a slip-on version of itself.

To date, U-Lace no tie elastic shoelaces have sold over 5 million sets of laces since our launch in 2009, and we’ve now arrived in Canada!

One of the incredible benefits U-Lace has had, has been its impact on the lives of autistic kids that don’t have to struggle to tie their shoes every day. We are also the leading brand of elastic shoelaces disabled people use in the United States. We couldn’t be happier about that!

U-Lace as a brand helps people express who they are. We save people time and money. We give them confidence. We make people’s lives easier. And we do it one elastic shoelace at a time.

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